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Hi there & Thank you for visiting!

My name is Esther and my life went to complete and utter sh*t in 2019. But here I am again ready to give you, my wonderful readers some kick-ass content.

Sak Pase Esther, formly, Brown Mom Rising is for anyone really who is also in the midst of adulting and trying to figure life out. Truth be told, I have no idea what I am doing and I am literallaly taking it day by day. Through my good and poor decisions I will be sharing with you all everything that I learn. From parenting, dealing with depression and even sex talks! Yes, I said sex talks LOL. Regardless of the topic, there will be something for everyone to read! We will be crying, laughing and celebrating together.

So What’s my story?

I am a single (idk who really claiming yet. lol.) mother to one boy named Eliaz. He was the inspiration for me to start my blog and I have been in love ever since. Don’t worry, he’ll be popping up in some blog posts too! Im the founder of a brand called Makeup For Black women which I founded in 2015. (check it out) I recently opened a staffing agency to help mothers find employment. Honestly I do a little bit of everything and like I mentioned earlier…..I am taking it day by day. I do not know where I am headed but I do hope its somewhere where I am 100% happy with whatever it is. I do suffer from major depression and anxiety which is another not so fun fact about me, but hey… life happens. I’ve been a retired twerker now for over 4 years and it’s been quite peachy. I just whine and gouye now because I’m a classy hoe. I mean lady.

What I hope you get out of reading a blog from “Sak Pase Esther” is the inspiration and motivation to overcome whatever obstacles may come your way. Whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Think of me as your own personal cheerleader, cheering and rooting for you to make it to the finish line.

Until we meet again… Peace, Love & Melanin!

-The Brown Mom

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