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With free shipping and competitive pricing, we provide our high-quality products for a price and standard unmatched anywhere.
Providing accuracy, quality and expedience are core to our business and day-to-day operations. We're happy when you're happy.
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Hello & Thank you for shopping with Sak Pasé custom apparel.
We are dedicated to delivering quality products while giving excellent customer service to all our customers. We take our values very seriously and all of our members are trained to give the best hospitality.
You can count on us to make your vision come to life and personalize your items with accuracy and efficiency.
    Sak Pasé is proud to have members including the owner be apart of the alliance.
  • Black Owned
    Sak Pasé is a proudly black owned and operating shirt printing company.
  • Girl Power
    Sak Pasé is a woman owned business. We empower and encourage young black women to start their own business.
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