I am tired. I am exhausted. I am overwhelmed. I am depressed AF. I miss being childless. I hate being a mother.

A lot of people fail to realize the hardships that come with becoming a mom. The new problems that arise when you carry a seed in your womb. The constant obstacles that you now have to face once the child(ren) is born. Parenthood is the most ghetto hood I have ever been a part of…but nonetheless here we are. We made the choice to bring life into this world and we must deal with our new responsibility.



But for those moms struggling out there… It is okay to NOT be okay. Just like there are times that you may hate your partner, there are times where you will hate your child. Yes, hate them and despise them. That does not make you any less of a parent. Kids are annoying ASF and do dumb shit. It’s life. Motherhood can get very overwhelming very quickly, next thing you know you’re in a downward spiral, crying in a closet. Let’s try to avoid that as much as possible, shall we?

I myself struggle with postpartum depression but after 3 freaking years, I am finally starting to come out of it. *slowly* I am starting to find myself again and you can too. All hope is not lost but you will need to take actionable steps to make your life better.

Where to go from here?

I have compiled a list of things for you to try to make it easier being a mom.

  • Wake up early: waking before the kids do, gives you time to get at least an hour to yourself.
  • Journal: I have started journaling in the morning when I wake up and before I go to sleep. I use a guided journal for me to set positive affirmations for the day and I write down what I am grateful for.
  • PRAY: Prayer has become a mandatory activity in my life and has helped me a lot in dealing with my depression. I ask God for patience, strength, protection and to help me get through these rough days.
  • Have a day to yourself: One day of every month, I now use to treat me and only me. I drop my son off at the babysitter and just do me. I get my massages, eat out and do what I need to do to make me a priority. Try it!
  • Sleep: Get those 8 hours of sleep as much as you can. Lacking sleep made me cranky and moody all day. If you’re low on energy then your kids will always tire you out.
  • Make healthy choices: I have started eating better and working out again! It feels good and you will feel even better once you start getting your sexy back! I feel more confident in myself and my mood has changed for the better
  • Get a therapist ASAP: Please, for the love of God, get professional help. Who cares what anyone says, you need to look out for yourself. It is worth every second once you find someone you connect with. Therapy allows me to get stuff off my chest without being judged. My therapist helps me by giving unbiased opinions and showing me techniques to deal with my emotions.
  • Give yourself credit: You are only human. You do what you can. Don’t compare your parenting or life to other mothers. You will end up making yourself feel like sh*t and we do not want that. Your child is fed, bathed, clothed and has shelter? Well damn, you’re doing a great f**** job!! Congratulations on keeping the little humans alive and well.

You will be okay. Everything will be okay. Just take it a day at a time. You got this momma!