Let me just say it, “College is a F****** waste of time”. I bet you’re clutching your pearls reading this. I’m not trying to give you a heart attack but It’s the damn truth. Unless you’re going into the medical, science or tech field… the college will do nothing but waste time. Just hear me out and let me explain myself.

  1. A college degree does not teach you life skills:  I don’t know why but I thought after I graduated, life would be all figured out. THAT WAS A LIE. Come to find out I did not even know how to balance a check. LMAO. Here I am with a Bachelor’s Degree and I do not know how to apply for a loan or maintain good credit. Needless to say, I had to fail horribly at many things to learn from them.
  2. You will be paying Debt forever: Not forever but it will definitely seem like it. Why pay a college 50K + When you could’ve used that money to put a down payment on a house, start a business, invest in stock and so much more valuable things.
  3. A degree doesn’t guarantee a job:  That is what they DON’T tell you in school. With today’s job market, honey if you don’t have a Ph.D., employers don’t even look like you. Imagine coming fresh out of college and an employer has the audacity to offer you minimum wage! There are whole people with doctorates who are living paycheck to paycheck!! Now you’re 100K in debt and working for $10 an hour because you do not have 5+ years of experience. A joke!


A college degree is not necessary to be successful anymore. Me being a 1st generation person to go to college in America, it was basically forced on me to go. One of the worst decisions I ever made! Life experiences teach you more than anything you will get sitting in a classroom. Even getting certificates are better and way cheaper. Instead of using those funds for college, allow your child to travel for a year and be exposed to different cultures. Let them learn what life is really about. Granted, a lot of these skills should be taught at home but speaking for myself, my parents are from another country. Life in Haiti vs. America is waaayyy different and I honestly cannot blame them. But where they lacked, you would expect a prestigious school to prepare an individual to be successful when you graduate.

              I for one will be encouraging my son to start his own business and become self-sufficient. I hope the parents who are reading this also think about this when it comes to their kids as well. I dropped out of my MBA program because they were only teaching me how to work for other people! I want to be an entrepreneur damn it! Give me the tools I need to make it! When I realized  I wasn’t getting that, I decided to just not go through with it. I have learned more from business groups on Facebook than what I was getting in the MBA program.

              Please don’t think I am trying to say kids shouldn’t get more education. They should, but there are more options other than going to college now. If they choose not to go to college, don’t call them a bum. One good idea can turn into a multi-million dollar business. There are countless wealthy people who do not have formal education. Volunteering, getting a mentor, seminars, conferences, networking, reading, traveling and researching are all ways you can grow your intelligence without spending so much money.

Sound off below, what are your thoughts? Is college a must-do in your family? Will you offer different alternatives?